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The Simple Life- May 2017

The Simple Life- May 2017

Goodbye May, Hello June! Here is a May recap of how I’m crafting a simple life.

The Memories We Made

  • “E”‘s fascination with fish led us on a trip to the Houston Zoo one afternoon. Our first stop was the aquarium. As my husband was holding her up to see the fish, a three-foot fish swam by- much bigger than her goldfish at home.  She laughed and kicked her feet and put her head on my husband’s shoulder (acting a little shy). He told me that moment was what he had always dreamed parenthood would be like. He uses that phrase a lot. My husband is always keen on recognizing moments, especially in parenthood. Our journey included 6 miscarriages and an adoption, and our struggle left an extra layer of gratitude on our hearts that wasn’t there before. Even in the chaos of a screaming 15 month old (because she isn’t allowed to play with the scissors she found in the kitchen drawer), he looks at me and says with a smile, “isn’t this what you always thought being a parent would be like?” Yes it is. All of it. The cuddles and the tantrums.
  • We visited Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm at the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park (near Johnson City, Texas). The employees wear period clothing, and “live” as settlers did in the 1900’s. In fact, when we arrived the interpreters were having lunch in the breezeway (boiled eggs, collected straight from the chicken roost and rye bread baked in the wood-burning stove). “E” loved the chickens and even collected an egg for the farmers from the roost.

The Blogs I Am Reading

  • Nostalgia Diaries (Celebrate the Past to Create Better Days Today)- I love Corey’s blog and I always look forward to her new posts. She writes about intentional living and positivity towards the past, present, and future. One of my favorite recent posts is The Case for Staying Curious, an essay about the importance of curiosity and the impact technology has on it. “So the next chance you get, keep your phone in your pocket and stay curious for a little longer.”
  • OohBother– Kelly is a boy mom of 2 who writes about parenting (+ some really delicious meatless meals!). The post that led me to her blog is The Real Reason I Dyed My Hair Purple, a post on visible achievements versus invisible achievements (and an inspiring poem she wrote). Kelly is also an adoption advocate and writes about navigating her international adoption (and I’m an adoptive mama so I love reading other family’s journeys)!
  • Glow with Grace (Let’s Glow)- When I saw my friend Grace started writing about travel and holistic health, I was so excited to follow along. Grace has such a bright and shining personality and leaves a smile wherever she goes, and this is reflected in her blog. I loved living vicariously through her while reading her post, Babes in Thailand. Her blog is a great contrast from the mom blogs and minimalist blogs I read (and be sure to check out her super colorful IG feed- @glowithgrace).

A recap of May and how I'm simplifying my life. Simple Living, simple living blogs, family, and closet decluttering.

The Simple Life I Crafted

  • I’ve reached 34 weeks in my pregnancy and I am slowingggg down. I have good intentions of cooking dinner, but we have eaten out a lot and the card swipes are adding up. So, I’ve decided to pull my crockpot back out and let it do the cooking for me. I’m also looking up freezer meals that I can make during the day while I still have my energy. So this month (and most likely next month) a simpler life means letting the crockpot do the cooking. If you have any great recipes, please share them in the comments!
  • We simplified my husband’s closet this month by turning all the hangers around so the hook faces forward. As he wore the clothes, we hung them back the correct way. It’s an easy visual to see what shirts he wears and what shirts he hasn’t reached for in weeks. This is a great technique for busy people to downsize your closet because it requires little time. I plan on gathering the shirts he has not worn and donate them. We all have items in our closet that we never reach for, and we have a good reason. Maybe its dry clean only, maybe the collar fits weird, maybe we have nothing to match it- so this is a great way to visually see those items and clear them from your space.

The Thoughts I Wrote

What changes did you make in May to simplify your life? Any great reads you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Wow! You’ve definitely had a busy month. Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂 I went to the Atlanta Zoo & GA Aquarium some time ago, and it was a lot of fun, and very interesting to see and learn about the different animals. As for Crockpot recipes, my go to is always chili (the non-spicy kind). I throw in some ground meat (that’s been already cooked), variations of beans, corn, bell peppers, Rotel, onions, spices, and I’m good to go. I let it sit on low all day and throw it in a bowl with some avocado when I’m ready to eat!

    • Thank you! I’ve heard the Georgia Aquarium is amazing! Crockpot chili sounds great! I love that chili can be used differently in multiple meals!

  • Hi, Davi, so beautiful to hear about how you overcome the challenges on the way to motherhood! I too am a fan of the Nostalgia Diaries, always a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tuck loves the zoo! I remember bringing him last summer when he was 1.5years old and he was so excited! thanks for bringing back those memories

    • You’re welcome! 🙂 I love your blog so much! I’m definitely trying out this recipe! Sounds so easy, and shredded taco chicken can be used for a million different things!

  • I love Nostalgia Diaries and OohBother! Nostalgia Diaries in particular is so beautifully written and always chooses topics that are close to my heart. I’ll have to check out your other recommendation, too!

  • Great idea on the crock pot meals! I am sure when I am pregnant, the crock pot will be my best friend! My husband and I are just going through a “closet overhaul” and getting rid of clothes we say we will wear but never do… It’s so nice to clean it up!

  • I love living history farms, but I haven’t been to one in AGES! Maybe I need to find one here in Georgia! I’m not even pregnant but sometimes cooking just makes me so tired hahaha even though I LOVE to cook! It’s just a never ending task haha maybe it’s time to dust off my crockpot too 😉

    • I’m not a huge fan of cooking so I always try to go the easiest route, but I haven’t used my crockpot in a while. I made up a bunch of frozen dinners when we adopted my daughter last year and I think we got a little tired of the crockpot meal genre! But its time to dust it off again!

  • Sounds very interesting. Nowadays life is very fast and we are not getting enough time for ourselves. Your blog is an inspiration to everyone who wishes to lead a simple and slow life. All the best

  • Great blog post! It’s always nice for me to see a slice of life inside the homes of adopted children, having chosen wonderful parents for my daughter. I was 19 when she was born, and if I had made any other choice, she would be a different person today, and I think she is perfect. In September, she’ll turn 21 and have just started her senior year at Baylor, and I couldn’t be more proud.

    • Such a sweet story! We hope to continue encouraging our daughter to build a relationship with her bithparents so that in 21 years, they will have the same thoughts as you. Our daughter is such a sweet blessing to both of her families.

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