Crafting a happy home, family and life through simple living.

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Hi, I’m Davi and I help mothers craft more intentional days for themselves and their families through simple living and minimalism.

Do any of these feel relatable?

  • having too many responsibilities to enjoy time with your family?
  • feeling overwhelmed with a number of toys throughout your house?
  • too much to do and not enough time?
  • constantly organizing but not feeling any relief from clutter?
  • going through the motions rather than living intentionally?
  • ready for a shift in direction by embracing a simpler life?

I know these feelings because I’ve been there.  We are on this journey together. We all have different reasons for wanting to slow down our days (my journey began with a coffee table), but we have the same destination.

 Homegrown Simplicity is about

…fewer responsibilities and more time for family

…fewer toys and happier children

…becoming unbusy and making time for the things you truly value

….enjoying the incredible journey that is motherhood through simple living.

I’m passionate about helping mothers craft more intentional days for themselves and their families through simple living and minimalism.

Ready to craft a life you love? Let’s Get Started!

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About Me

I’m a wife and a stay at home mom to a 1-year-old daughter “E” (with another daughter due in July).

Pre-motherhood I was an engineer. When my daughter was born, I left my job to be a stay at home mom and quickly became overwhelmed in the transition. I missed my income, my “me” time, and a job that gave me much fulfillment.  Every day began feeling like a struggle and the privilege of being a stay at home mother began feeling like a burden.

I needed to shift direction.

Instead of focusing on what I had lost, I began appreciating what I had gained: a simpler life.

For a few more tidbits about me (including 4 of my favorite simplifying acts), click here.

I learned, and am still learning what it means to embrace a simpler life, and that is Homegrown Simplicity in a nutshell.  I hope you find inspiration too and come back often!

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