Crafting a happy home, family and life through simple living.

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Hello! Follow our family journey to live slowly, spend intentionally, and raise our children to believe the best things in life are not things.

Homegrown Simplicity started off as a blog about minimalism and motherhood. It has since grown with our family and our changing dynamics. Minimalism led us down the path of intentional spending and budgeting, and now we pursuing the idea of financial independence and writing it about it here. So you’ll find a mix of articles on minimalism, budgeting, and how we are doing things “different” to pay off our 30 year mortgage in 10 years (goal: 2028).


I write about:

…fewer responsibilities and more time for family

…confidence in our finances by spending intentionally and optimizing our budget

…a home that de-stresses and brings us joy

…debt free living

…a full life on less.

I’m passionate about helping mothers craft more intentional days for themselves and their families through simple living and minimalism.

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I’m “D”, sharing my life with my husband and our two daughters.



For a few more tidbits about me (including 4 of my favorite simplifying acts), click here.

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