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One Surprising Tip to Simplify your Laundry

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The one surprising tip to simplify your laundry? Buy white.

White bed sheets, white towels, white kitchen dishcloths- the crib sheets are even white. Transitioning to all white linens in my home changed the way I do laundry.

Back to Basics: The Simplicity of White Linens

  • One Load of Laundry– With all white bath towels, you can wash all the dirty towels at once – no more separating your child’s hot pink towel from your gray towel, from the guest bathroom beige towel. White linens will simplify your laundry (Overwhelmed by chores? Read: No the Dishes Can’t Wait).
  • Easy to Clean– Bleach, Oxy-Clean, your homemade concoction- whatever will get the stain out. White linens can handle it. I’ve registered for these simple crib sheets for our nursery.
  • Stress-Free to Replace– Has one of your bath towels seen better days? Replace it.  You only have to replace one because white is always in stock and is never discontinued.
  • Doesn’t Go Out of Style Just like the little black dress is a timeless piece for your closet, white bed sheets or bath towels are a timeless piece for your home.
  • Never Fades– When I moved into my college dorm years ago, I thought it would be fun to have hot pink towels.  By the end of the year, those towels were more of a baby pink.  White is white.
  • White Looks Clean– As a guest, I’d much rather use a white towel than a dark-colored towel.  White just looks and feels clean. Hotels know this and always stock the bathrooms with white towels.
  • Simple to Update– Fell in love with a new duvet cover? Most likely, it will look great with white sheets too. Decided to paint your bathroom a tranquil blue from your neutral paint? White will still look great.  Don’t make your bath towels the focal point in your decorating.

Just buy white.  Simple as that. (Still not convinced? Check out this Seattle Times article: “The Perfect Towel Only Comes in White”)

Simplify Your Laundry: White Linen Hacks

Here are some of the best laundry hacks I’ve found for white linens:

  1. Clean Mama’s article “How to Keep Your Whites White” is packed full of laundry tips.  Did you know fabric softener actually leaves your towels less clean?
  2. One of the tips from the Good Housekeeping article “The Secret to Keeping Your White T-Shirts White” is to not overload the washer.
  3. Mom 4 Real has a simple trick to get rid of mildew smell from towels (and you probably already have this in your pantry) in “How to Remove Mildew Smell from Towels and Clothes”.
  4. Now that all your laundry is done (and clean smelling!) here are a few ways of “How To Fold Your Towels To Fit Any Shelf” by Code Red Hat.

Have you simplified your laundry with white linens?

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