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The Simple Life- April 2017

The Simple Life- April 2017

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Somehow we’ve already made it to May. I’ve loved the weather that April brought. Not too hot, not too cold. April brought us lots of neighborhood walks, outdoor play time, lots of evenings in the swing, and a few dinners on the back patio. Here is an April recap of how I’m crafting a simple life.

The Memories We Made

the simple life series, beach day

  • My husband has been working a lot lately, but one Friday he was able to leave work a few hours early so we made an impromptu trip to the beach for the afternoon. We brought a blanket, a shovel for “E”, and some snacks and enjoyed the sea breeze, waves, people watching, and each other.
  • “E” has learned how to put objects “in” a box/basket, so this year she was able to Easter egg hunt. She still has no idea about the chocolate goodness that is found inside eggs, but we had fun watching her walk around the yard and pick up the eggs.
  • The weather has been warm in Houston, so “E” and I have been spending the afternoons outside. She helps me water the garden and has discovered just how fun a sprinkler can be. One moment I’ll never forget is sitting in the grass with her blowing bubbles. I’m looking forward to many fun summer days.
  • I took a trip back to my hometown so I could help my dad build a bookshelf and toy bin for “E”. He is such a well-rounded handyman and he likes to teach as he is working. Both pieces turned out great and will look perfect in her “big girl” room. I had a great time with my dad building them.

The Shows I Am Watching

The Simple Home I Crafted

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  • Baby #2 is due in July, so I’ve been sorting through all our baby stuff. We had so many clothes and I spent an entire afternoon organizing them and downsizing the wardrobe for baby #2. So many of “E’s” clothes were never worn or only worn once, so I’m wanting to create more of a capsule wardrobe (utilizing the clothes we already own) for baby #2. I sold a big lot to a consignment shop and donated another bag full to a local charity.
  • We’ve started a vegetable garden this year. We will be enjoying green beans, tomatoes, okra, and banana peppers from our backyard this summer. If you have any great okra recipes, leave a link in the comments!
  • Our neighborhood held its semi-annual garage sale. We had a decent turnout and sold some baby things we won’t be using with #2, decorations that have been in storage, and kitchen items that are rarely or never used. We also met a neighbor from two houses down and had a good time visiting with our neighbors that we already knew. Afterward, we immediately loaded up all the unsold items and brought them to a local charity resale store. It felt so good to say goodbye to those items.

The Simple Life I Crafted

  • I’ve started taking advantage of the curbside pick up our grocery store offers. At first, I was skeptical because I do enjoy grocery shopping and picking out my own produce, but the service has been life changing. I save so much time and money because I’m not browsing the aisles of the store. If your grocery store offers this service, definitely give it a try.
  • Remember my post about decluttering your inbox? I started off with 38,000 emails. Today I have 12.  My empty inbox has been so much more manageable.  I actually see important emails now.

The Lessons I Learned

the simple life, 30 weeks

  • Being almost 30 weeks pregnant now, I’ve been forced to sometimes sit on the couch and “do nothing” because I’m so exhausted. I’ve learned the power of being still (something I’m very bad at doing) and just enjoying the moment. My daughter likes to climb onto the couch with me and cuddle and play with my hair. I would miss those moments if I were constantly moving and “doing” like I usually am.
  • My husband has been working late and this is my first “busy season” (he is a CPA) being a stay at home mom. Most evenings I eat dinner alone which can get lonely, and being the sole caretaker during the week for our daughter can be mentally and physically fatiguing. However, I’ve learned encouraging him on the tough days instead of complaining is more beneficial for both of us and our marriage. I know he would much rather be at home eating dinner with his family than at the office, but this is the season of life we are in right now.

The Thoughts I Wrote

Tell me about your April? What is a favorite memory you made with loved ones?

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