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8 Blogs to Inspire Minimalism in Motherhood

Curated list of blogs to inspire minimalism in motherhood

A curated list of blogs to help inspire minimalism in motherhood.

1.  The Minimalist Plate– From the expression “my plate is full”, Zoe helps parents clear their plates and make room for what matters the most. As a mom of 4, her minimalism philosophy is that “it gives you the opportunity to see and use your ‘blessings’, and innate privilege to lift others up.”


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2.  Simple Families– Denaye writes about living better with less-“less clutter, fewer toys, uncomplicated [healthy] meals, and positive (yet simple) discipline.” Simple Families is a great resource for decluttering the toys and choosing great toys for your children.


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3.  Allie Casazza– A mom of 4, Allie helps “overwhelmed moms clear the clutter in their homes, calendars, brains, and lives so they can take a deep breath and find joy in the mundane.” She is all about living abundantly in motherhood and managing your mom life.


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4.  Nourishing Minimalism– Rachel is a mom of 6 who lives in an 1100 sq ft house. You’ll find inspiration in all things minimalism + motherhood, including lots resources on decluttering. Her mission is to “transform your home into a peaceful space with airy closets, tidy bookshelves, and sparkling clear countertops.”


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5. Becoming Minimalist– Joshua was cleaning out his garage on a weekend while his son played alone in the backyard and a neighbor commented ““Maybe you don’t need to own all this stuff.”- thus his minimalism journey began. He is “dedicated to rational minimalism and discovering what that uniquely means for us.”


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6.  Keri Lynn Snyder– A mom of three, Keri believes “being intentional means choosing to do less so we can do it well.” You’ll find tips for a thriving home, family, and motherhood.


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7. Brittany L. Bergman– Brittany writes about savoring motherhood, living simply, and practicing gratitude. The goal of her blog “is for you to feel connected, known, and understood; for you to exhale and say, “Me too,” as you engage with the content here.”


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8. Amy M. Briton– A mom of 4, Amy believes in “living life simply, fully, and right from the heart.” Her writing inspires her readers to find magic in the ordinary moments of motherhood.


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Question: Did I miss any of your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “8 Blogs to Inspire Minimalism in Motherhood”

  • I’m not a parent, so this is not something I’ve thought about heavily, but I remember Ruth Soukup of Living Well, Spending Less having a post about throwing away almost all of her kids toys because they had gotten too “stuff” oriented. I don’t know if I would go that far or not, but I do appreciate wanting kids to not expect so much stuff or live a messy and cluttered life. Also, I love Brittany Bergman. Good choice!

  • This is such a great list. I’d like to add she’s not a parenting blogger but is a great voice in the world of minimalist blogging!

  • Oh I love this! We are on our minimalist journey now!! It’s not easy when you have a fiancé who is a hoarder 😭 But today I’m tackling our cleaning supply closet!

  • Thank you for this list. I am trying to get my family to embrace minimalism. I feel like a life less cluttered with stuff is so much more peaceful.

  • Thanks for this! I sort of stumbled upon minimalism accidentally but I really want to know more about this! I’m pinning so I can go back later and really check out those sites when I have some time! Thank you! 🙂

  • Keri and Brittany are two of my favorites! I have heard of a few of these others too, but now I have a list to check out for inspiration! Thanks!

  • Great list! There are several here that are new to me (and I few I already enjoy reading). I always appreciate when people make lists of their favorite blogs; I often find new ones I enjoy!

  • Great suggestions here that I will definitely be following through with and reading. I’m all about minimalism right now. I feel my mind feels messy when there are too many things!

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