Crafting a happy home, family and life through simple living.


Hi, I’m Davi and I’m on a journey to live slowly, spend intentionally, and raise my children to believe the best things in life are not things.


I write about:

…fewer responsibilities and more time for family

…confidence in our finances by spending intentionally and optimizing our budget

…a home that de-stresses and brings us joy

…a full life on less.


Intentional Living Mini Course

The Intentional Living Mini Course is designed for mothers who want to craft more purpose-filled days. Before making effective changes in your home and family, you must invest in yourself first. This 3 day email course is designed for busy mamas like yourself. On each of the three days, you’ll receive one email from me that you can read between naptime, in the pickup line, or at the end of day during your “me” time.

The purpose of this course is to challenge you to:

  • recognize small moments that bring joy
  • question your routines
  • create breathing room and balance in your life.


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